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When people ask Sue Baldwin to describe the type of training and consulting that she conducts with clients, "personal and professional development" is her response. Participants who work with Sue in either small or large groups learn that the material she presents will influence both their personal and professional lives. Sue supports and encourages people to look at the values and passions that influence their lives. Commitment and dedication are important concepts that will make a difference in how we interact with others as well as choose the careers that give us meaning.

Keynote Addresses

Motivational Speaker - Sue BaldwinSue has presented keynote addresses to as many as 1,000 participants and, regardless of the size of the audience, they always appreciate her sense of humor and ability to concisely present materials that are both helpful and practical. Audiences feel they are a part of the presentation, and Sue always invites their input and participation. Keynote sessions are 45 to 90 minutes, and wrap around subjects on any of the following topics. Some of the topics that Sue presents for keynote addresses are:

All presentations are designed for mixed audiences. Please contact Sue for further information.