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When people ask Sue Baldwin to describe the type of training and consulting that she conducts with clients, "personal and professional development" is her response. Participants who work with Sue in either small or large groups learn that the material she presents will influence both their personal and professional lives. Sue supports and encourages people to look at the values and passions that influence their lives. Commitment and dedication are important concepts that will make a difference in how we interact with others as well as choose the careers that give us meaning.

Building a Better Team

When people work together as a team, the organization runs much more smoothly.¬† But that often is not the case.
Due to the high rate of staff turnover, teams are in a constant state of flux 
and find themselves often lacking in cohesiveness.  Spending time together in a team building training session will give individuals the opportunity to see the importance of strong independent teams as well as a time to look at the complete program.
During this workshop/breakout session, participants will learn the importance of honest team evaluations; the components of an effective team; and participate in interactive¬† activities that promote a better team.